Charles Marcus is a multinational network of accountancy and consultancy firms based in Switzerland

Neutral by long tradition, Switzerland has the reputation for financial probity, banking security, legal stability, tax compliance, skiing, lakes and mountains. All the attributes to make Gstaad an attractive base for a multi-national network.

Charles Marcus International AG coordinates the resources of the CM network to enable CM consultants to provide their services to clients through local CM consultancy firms. Charles Marcus International AG does not provide services direct to clients. The local CM consultancy firm has a contract with the client for a nominated CM representative to provide the agreed services. All Charles Marcus client contract terms are reviewed by the directors for compliance with global professional standards. There is a global policy for professional indemnity.

Charles Marcus International AG provides support to and receives benefit from firms in the Charles Marcus (CM) network. Each firm is an independent legal entity within the network. Charles Marcus International AG provides services only to national firms. This is similar to other professional firms. The national firms provide services to clients.

Charles Marcus is a registered trademark of Charles Marcus International AG, incorporated in Kanton Bern, Switzerland.